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dreams is now deliciously real. >>> we are live in san francisco where investigators dig up a basement in a home looking for clues in the case of a missing boy. we will tell you why they focused on a home in the hate ashbury district. >>> alarming wake up call. what was found on the front door of a south bay home hours ago. >>> see those folks there? see what they are doing? they are taking tolls. that will not happen much longer. those days are coming to an end. we'll tell you what will happen instead. >>> plus what the mayor of san francisco plans to do on super bowl sunday. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning january 30th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. mark tamayo is in for steve. >> you just said january 30th. already one month is almost down. we could be tracking the storms this time of year but not for today. the dry weather pattern will continue over the next few days. this morning you definitely want to bundle up. mid 30s and 40s. there is the eventual temperature range. coming up we will take a l
intentionally set. >> a hit-and-run driver causing a big problem in san francisco right now. the damage left behind is keeping part of soma in the dark. >>> upsetting tweets left behind by a missing petaluma teen, what law enforcement and her mother have to say about them. >>> today's weather looks all right, now it appears a change for the weekend weather. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this friday morning. january 4th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather, traffic, steve's right there. >> still cold you need a coat but not as cold as the past couple of mornings. 30s are cold. but 27s and 28s yesterday. that's not the case today. patchy fog out there. mostly sunny to partly sunny. it looks like a change for the weekend. we'll get to that in 7 minutes. >>> good morning if you're driving on highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland, so far so good. also this morning we're looking at northbound 101 in san francisco. that looks good approaching the 80 split. let's go ba
to that. >>> and san francisco intersection they are using extreme measures to keeping pedestrians safe. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you welcome to a brand-new day, it is january 7th, what year? >> 2013. >> i am dave clark. >> good morning, some people think it is unlucky, but i am not buying into that. >> it's good to be optimistic. >> i agree. >> unless you are dealing with a lot of fog and you can be pest mystic but a lot of high clouds to near 60s. here is sal. >>> it is busier already coming through berkeley and out to the oakland area and when you get to the toll plaza it is not busy just yet and everything looks good on 101 coming to the downtown area. let's go back to the desk. >>> a search continues for a san francisco man accused of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. alex savage has more in san francisco with what family members are saying about this attack, good morning, alex. >> reporter: they say it was an argument about laundry which prompted the attack. the victim in this case is a mother of three and remains ho
news coming in from san francisco, police are investigating a deadly shooting which happened at 1:00 a.m. not far from geneva -- geneva avenue. alex, i know you spoke to the mother of the victim, what did she say? >> reporter: she is earning anybody to come forward and help police and at this point they have a very vague description on that who opened fire on the two. the man killed in the shooting was 43-year-old daniel cologne a father to one son, a man who grew up in the air. relatives said the two men are were walking home from a nearby bar and he was shot in the upper body and police say his injuries are considered non- life threatening. the most man who died is worried about the little boy who lost his father in the shooting. >> he has a beautiful daniel junior who loves his dad very much. that is going to be very hard for him to go on without his dad. it is very heartbreaking for us. i still don't believe it. >> reporter: police say the shooter in this case ran away from the scene. he is described as the white or -- as white or hispanic. >> reporter: if you know anything, but a
. temperatures really warmed up but 27 in santa rosa to 49 in san francisco. i mean just tremendous difference. livermore is 29. oakland is 40. it will be in the 50s and 60s to even upper 60s near 70 toward santa cruz. here is sal. >>> steve, we have a problem on the peninsula i will get to in a moment. on the golden gate bridge the traffic does look good heading south. i want to show you the maps here if i can. there is a big problem on the peninsula southbound 280 at wood side road. car and several deer on the road collided. injury crash. and now the freeway is almost entirely blocked. you can take 101 as your alternative. we will have more on this coming up in a few. let's go back to the desk. >>> last night firefighters in hayward discovered an unresponsive woman after an apartment house caught fire. apartment fire. alex savidge is there. >> reporter: good morning. this woman hospitalized right now is what we understand. we are working right now to get more information from the hayward fire department on her exact condition. this was an elderly woman. she was pulled out of her second story
a little breeze here holding some temps up. 39 san francisco. was 45 about an hour ago. the wind tailed off. still upper 20s. a lot more 30s than we saw yesterday at this time. 40s to mid 50s on the high. >>> if you are driving on 80 westbound you can see traffic is moving along all right. it's getting a little more crowded. some of the lanes are already getting filled up. this morning in san francisco northbound 101 traffic still getting top the speed limit. let's go back to the desk. >>> overnight fire in berkeley injured a man it happened inside an apartment at a complex at the corner of acton street and bancroft about midnight. alex savidge is right there. what happened? >> reporter: the man that suffered the minor burns is actually the landlord of this five unit apartment complex. the flames broke out inside his unit which is the frontout where we are standing. you can see here firefighters had to pull quite a bit of charred debris outside of his place this morning as they were battling the flames. captain told ktvu this fire was burning through the attic mostly. the call came in after
you can see it moving along pretty well. san francisco northbound 101 traffic also looks good approaching the 80 split. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are following breaking news right now from the east bay. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty is in oakland where there is a raid going on. tara what can you tell us? >> reporter: if you take a look over here to my right to the right you can see this is the house that was actually raided just moments ago. and some of the people who live in that home were allowed back inside. officers have been questioning them but they're not under arrest. others were arrested. we're in the max well park neighborhood off interstate 5580. just after 5:00 this morning officers moved in. this is about one of half a dozen raids taking place this morning. we are told this operation the riskiest. these are alleged gang members. the search is still going on at this time. when we first arrived we did spot the police helicopter. neighbors did report hearing a loud boom. there was a tactical unit at the top of the hill and an ambulance in case anythin
. >> we're live in san francisco where i will tell you about a controversial plan that could change how you celebrate the super bowl. >>> the vice president takes the white house campaign for gun control on the road. >>> we have the news many bart riders have been waiting a long time to hear. ktvu channel 2 news continues. >>> and good morning. it's friday january 25th i'm brian flores. dave clark is off today. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. steve is here with the weather. and what is it going to be like today steven? how is your voice? >> struggling a little bit. it will be all right there. thank you. we do have mostly cloudy conditions. it looks like a little bit of light rain is done. it's in southern california now. temperatures today partly sunny and cloudy with low 60s. >>> steve, good morning. the traffic here on interstate 880 looking pretty good. no major problems if you are driving through. also the morning commute looks good on westbound interstate 80 getting out to the mccarthur maze let's go back to the desk. >>> thank you. topping our news this morning an abduction attempt
the coast, there is some by san francisco, i mean there is some really mild temperatures and it will be a day of high clouds. it looks like that antioch temperature 41 on a 46 novato 31 and not far away and i have seen some lower 30s and officially 38 in san francisco, and these temperatures are come up a long way in the last four to six days. it is the system to the south which is warmer and i think we will start to see more of a southerly breeze and there is a lot of high clouds slowly working their way in. a little haze on the edges and especially by the coast but right now we have the component of an offshore breeze. 60 on the temperatures a lot of high clouds to the north and it looks like we will get another one. timing is iffy but i would say warmer weather will return on sunday. >>> they reverse the decision and the uproar is stopping. >>> and it is caught on tape, how three people were able to escape after the suspect opened fire. >>> the movie is coming to the big screen and it is causing a big buzz in hollywood. . >>> the move comes after pressure after the san
:07. a deadly high speed crash in san francisco right outside of a liquor store is still the focus of a police investigation and the arrest of the driver was all caught on video. this happened yesterday morning. you see the police officers have guns drawn. moving in on the unidentified suspects car. the suspect was arrested. he's being treated for minor injuries police also say they found a gun inside the car. minutes before the arrest though the driver crashed into a white toyota at 21st and south vaness. sending it flying through a liquor store. police say this all started with an earlier report of shots fired from a car at a nearby public housing complex. police later pulled over the driver but the driver sped away. >> as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections colliding with the white vehicle. >> now a 26-year-old pedestrian who was just walking into that liquor store died at the scene after being hit by the car. there were two people in the toyota. passenger, a woman in her 20s died there at the scene. the dr
. >>> new information in the san francisco, what happened just moments before a san francisco tanker swiped the bay bridge. >>> san jose sharks' fans may get an answer on when the players will be back on the ice. we will explain what is happening today regarding that. >>> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> we are ready. good morning to you, wednesday january 9th, i am dave clark. >> thank you for waking up with us, steve is here with the weather forecast, cold today. chills, freeze warnings? >> yes, it is on its way, dave and pam, increasing clouds, watch out for fog, still some pockets of it, highs today coming down in oh about 7 minutes, here is sal. >>> interstate 880, no major problems here, the traffic continues to move along very nicely if you are driving to downtown. san francisco 101 traffic approaching the 880 split, let's go back to the desk. >>> police are going door to door looking for witnesses involving a violent night in the pet rather neighbor -- pet rather row -- in a nearby neighborhood and police are learning what happened with a violent incident which
you turn to ktvu channel 2. we will have a live post game show. >>> san francisco port commission is expected to give its final approval to the long awaited mission rock development project next month. the giants hope to break down on the $1.6 billion project sometime in 2015. the plan calls for a waterfront park and 1,000 apartments along with office buildings and restaurants and shops. it's designed to serve baseball fans and many people wholly in that fast growing neighborhood. >>> time now 6:08. sal is back. you have highway 101 prepared for the folks this morning? >> that is right. we're looking at 101 dave and pam. northbound 101 traffic does look good approaching the 80 split. if you are driving from 280 the downtown area. that is about a five minute drive. not much right now at all. bay bridge toll plaza on the other hand we are getting a little bit more of a delay. if you're in the outbound lanes it's a five minute delay. southbound 101 looks good heading down the peninsula. and highway 1 is also looking good. let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sir. system weak as it may b
for health ratings in restaurants and tara moriarty is outside of a popular san francisco diner with the latest on what they are doing. >> reporter: they look at how they are scoring it and it is open 24 hours and some customers give it the thumbs up. it was a plan initiated to make government information more easy to access. he hopes it will improve them and when how customers rate it, you really can't say how it is rated. >> especially restaurants. people are picky about what goes in their food and who is around there so it may make people feel more comfortable about eating it. >> reporter: here in san francisco, restaurant lobbyists defeated that plan but those who secured a ratings and the number of food born illnesses went down. they will be rated on a 100 point scale and the mayor will making an announcement where he serves as the chair of technology and innovation. >> he is putting pressure on congress and the president unveiled his proposals yesterday aimed at reducing gun violence. analysts say it will be tough getting any gun control legislation through and they are de
a story we first reported at 4:30 this morning. the home invasion robbery in san francisco, right now san francisco police are still on the scene and here is a live picture. it happened shortly after 3:00 a.m. and the victims were held at gunpoint. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. claudine wong is also out there on the scene and is talking with the victims of the crime and we will have a live update in the next half hour. >>> a young woman from petaluma is still mitting this morning and they are criticizing -- criticizing police in south lake tahoe. they are criticizing police because police are just now starting to look for her. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: alyssa burn's friend reported her missing to south lake tahoe police and they started sending out pictures of her. they gave the case to the sheriff's office in nevada which was actually across the state line. it took lake tahoe police reportedly more than a day and a half to notify nevada. we called them this morning and we are waiting to hear what they have to say about it. meantime, alyssa burns has not
morning, gunfire marred the celebration in san francisco, three people were shot including a young boy. >>> and employers are trying to get access to your facebook account, we will tell you more coming up. >> and the mayor is said to meet with police officers this morning and we will tell you why several say he is not welcome and they see this as an insult. >>> there is a debate on capitol hill and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> good morning, welcome to morning news, it is tuesday january 1st, 2013 and i am in for pam cook. >> let's check your weather and traffic. it didn't seem as cold when i helped -- stepped outment it will be a cool and breezy day and these showers are confined to the santa cruz mountains. it will be leaving some very cool air in place so cool chilly and breezy here is tara. >>> this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and in san mateo no problems to report here, coming up we will have an accident and it is up to 1 t1 miles per hour -- 21 miles per hour. >>> one shooting injured a child on the embarcadero near pie
bit less, but once you get on to the bridge there is 11 minutes into san francisco. steve, i saw you tweeted, it was cold in half-moon bay. >> yes, we do have clear skies, a tiny bit of patchy fog, not a lot, it will be a nice day and we are ending january on a nice day and it's cold and we have not had much rain maybe about a week's timeframe. third dryest january ever. only 49 / 100th fell and we are well above average but because of that dryness, the amount of rainfall is sliding back to 100%. san francisco 102 and santa rosa. i don't see anything here, maybe next thursday. warming trends topped out and temperatures will still be nice, i think gradual cooling, it is cold for some, and after we get cranked up we will have warmer temperatures. offshore breeze, land and sea is where the direction of the wind is coming from. we had 70 up in clear lake. 3:45 in the afternoon, chilly fog, sunny and mild to warm, 60s and 70s, low-to-mid to upper 68 and oakland downtown, 67 degrees, 67 santa cruz, also sunny veil and santa clara. and it is a little tough to warm up without our good offsho
. >> thank you for joining us this morning, steve is here and san francisco is warmer but they are usually the coldest, right? >> that is the coldest i can find but the marina is 309. this is -- 39. that is cold for the marina. it is just holding on and there are a lot of 20s and 30s this morning and now livermore is in there concord fairfield santa rosa, it will be slightly warmer around the bay with an east wind. here is sal. >>> good morning, 101 approaching the 880 split and san francisco no major problems there also it looks good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge and heading out to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. >>> right now crews from several fire agencies are putting out hot spots. it started shortly before 4:00 a.m. this morning along a vacant building in the city of crocket. ktvu channel 2 morning news bringing you pictures and they are calling this fire suspicious since nobody lives in that area. alex savage is on the scene getting some new information for us and he will have a live update in the next half hour. >>> live in sonoma, a body found inside the ca
. >>> new details about the close call yesterday on the san francisco bay this morning the coast guard will meet with the bar pilot with the oil tanker that sideswiped the bay bridge. live with new information about the bar pilot and about what handed out there, alex? >> good morning, i just spoke with a representative, later today their investigators will be sitting down and conducting an interview with the bar pilot after being involved in this collision and they are still trying to zero in on a collision. this is the ship. the overseas ray march. the 750-foot oil tanker sideswiped the bay bridge and ktvu channel 2 news learned that the pilot passed an alcohol test and results of a drug test will be later today. george has eight years of experience and yesterday's accident happened at 11:00 a.m. at a time when there was heavy fog and it cut visibility on the bay for just about a quarter of a mile : it struck the western span and caltrans reported no damage to the structure and no oil was spilled as a result of the crash. it just unloaded 350,000 barrels of crude oil and was headed ba
're getting a little bit of a backup in some of the lanes. westbound coming into san francisco not a big delay. and if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101 that looks good. 280 coming out of daly city on down to the alameda maze. let's go to steve. >>> sal, thank you. clear skies. a little bit of patchy fog might be getting closer and closer. it's ready but not yet. clear skies. a lot of sunshine today. we lost the higher clouds. still an easterly breeze. until then high pressure is definitely large -- especially coast an bay. it's very, very slow warm up. temperatures finally getting back the 60s. i think imland we will see some of that in the next day or two be i think things have changed. remember it was very, very warm. we had a south wind. now temperatures are back in the single tickets. pattern slowly changing. it's not going to happen any time soon soon. city a lot of tos. but sunshine and a slight warm up due to that easterly breeze that really helps emery vail -- 55 walnut creek to 59 downtown oakland. berkeley at 58. brentwood at 53. 57 san jose. santa cruz 62. someb
. 59 san rafael, 60 degrees this afternoon in san francisco. the extended forecast there, temperatures will remain on the mild side to cool side for the afternoon on friday, mix of sun and clouds and that next chance of rain will come in time for your weekend and this system is not as wet but cooler dropping from the gulf of alaska and bringing our temperatures to upper 50s for the afternoon. overnight lows upper 30s to near 40 degrees expected and partly cloudy skies on monday. back to you. >>> and rosemary orozco, many areas are digging out from a deep freeze. 16 inches of snow has fallen in pennsylvania and 20 below zero in north tax and they -- north dakota and people who have not had heat are taking refuge in tents. >> it's not describable. you can feel the wind biting at your skin and it is really hard to explain. >> the cold weather is raising concerns about hypothermia. frostbite can occur in ten minutes. >>> now there is conflicting information on when 787s can fly again. >>> and in just about four minutes, all eyes will be on the scene your senator. that headband looks ridicu
still looking good and there is an 8 minute drive from san mateo to san francisco. bart is on time, 6:39 let's go to steve. >>> high clouds are streaming over us and most of this will push off to the east and there is plenty for the rather cloudy morning. we do have gusts on the coast up to 42 miles per hour. breezy, a northerly breeze, cold and very cold morningings, 30s to near 50 degrees and northerly breeze in the morning, partly sunny skies, breezezy at times and some of that high cloud deck did produce snow showers and it looks like that has ended for now. very long and impressive information for snow all in one day and the reason for that is, if you are traveling down there, be advised this is all taking a slow path in advance of that. so if you have an overnight or red eye flight, done be surprised if it is early and by wednesday it is gone. we will keep an update on that as we head towards the weekend. napa 33, half-moon bay airport, they had gusts right out of the due north. cloud cover along with a little bit of a breeze holding temperatures up and there will be a lot of hi
erratically in fremont drove up 880 through san leandro in oakland and all the way to san francisco. we followed them where officers deployed spike strips. it finally ended in south vanness where the driver was taken into custody. >>> firefighters were called to the scene when things went wrong with the display. tara moriarty joins us from the mission district with details on how it happened and why criminal charges could be filed. tara in. >> reporter: the owner of this art gallery could be in trouble for setting some artwork on fire and we should say the artwork is made out of matches, 2 5,000 to be exact. it was a map of the united states and by lighting it, it caused a lot of damage to this building. last night fire crews were called out when smoke and flames were shooting out from the building. the artist creates maps and some -- sometimes messages out of exhibits. the problem with last night's incident is that it posed a safety hazard, which caused $5,000 at least worth of damage to the ceiling annuals. now investigators were called in and while the gallery owner did not necessari
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22